Bazaar Wrap-up & Raffle Winners

Friends in Christ,

Wow! Another successful Bazaar has come and gone. I wanted the opportunity to say thank you. To the volunteers, people who donated, people who came and ate. Thank you. I wish I was better with words to be able to fully express my gratitude. Every single year my heart is filled getting to see generosity being poured out from not only our parishioners but others from our surrounding community. I pray that you each have a great holiday season filled with healthy families, love and Jesus. My love & prayers for each of you.

- Ashley Luttmer

Congratulations to the raffle prize winners:
Quilt - Stephanie Costello
Afghan - Ashley Kenner
$100 - Lauren Belcher, Phyllis Thornton, Celia Spitz, Sharon Carpenter
Gift Card - Diane Peffer, George Schones, Anna Raurk


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