32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.” So many times, in life we are caught unaware by things around us. We are focused on what is right in front of us, and it is as if we are wearing blinders to the things around us in the world. We walk through life like drones, or machines, and allow life to pass us by, and struggle to engage it and be intentional. The Lord, in this weekend’s Gospel is imploring us to change our lackadaisical ways, and be intentional with ever thought, word, and deed!

Many Christians are flawed in their understanding of the love of God. They say, “Well, as long as I’m a good person, that’s enough right? If I know that Jesus is Lord, and call on His name, that will suffice, right?” Jesus’ response to that wrong teaching is found quite literally and explicitly in our Gospel today! In the parable that Jesus offers us today, He tells us about those that are prepared and have taken the proper steps to enter the banquet feast of the Lord. For those that just call on His name, He says, “Amen, I say to you, I do not know you!”

Yes, it is important for us to call on the name of Jesus, but even more important is it for us to follow the Will of God. Knowing something and doing something aren’t always the same. I can know what is right and what is wrong, but if I choose incorrectly, I will be found in sin. Even the evil spirits and Satan know that Jesus is Lord, they cower at His name, but they still have the knowledge of its power. They don’t allow the name of Jesus, and His gifts and power, though, to convert them to the Love of God. So, yes, call on the name of the Lord, but also do the Will of God, love Him and love neighbor, then we can hope to enter into the eternal banquet feast!

-Fr. Danny Grover


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