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Guidelines for Public Worship

Dear Parishioners,

     I am so excited to hear that the Archdiocese has permitted us to resume our spiritual life as a community of believers and to participate in the communal service in the Church. There is still a need to keep up rules and safety measures required by the government, local officials, and church expectations. It might sound scrupulous to some, but please understand the safety of oneself and the concern and love for others.


Daily Mass will begin being offered to the public on Monday the 18th of May.

Our public worship in Church will begin the weekend of May 23rd – 24th.

The number of people allowed to attend each mass will be limited due to the 6-foot Social Distancing Guidelines.

Families may be seated together in a single pew.

Individuals may stand along the wall and sit in the extra chairs that are arranged inside the Church and in the Vestibule area but giving preference for families in pews.

The cry room will be closed.

Every alternate pew will be kept empty.

Your individual seating area will be marked.

All Hymnals will be removed. No printed material will be provided.

Most of the commonly known and traditional songs will be used to make it easier to participate.

The Church will try her best to take care and follow all safety measures at the entrance. We encourage each individual, if possible, to bring their own safety measures like gloves, mask and sanitizers, if necessary, for the safety of oneself and in concern of others.

Do not feel embarrassed to wear your mask. If you happen to cough, it will help avoid suspicion.

Avoid going outside or to the restrooms during Mass unless it is inevitable because there will be people seated in the vestibule area.


The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended for all Catholics of both dioceses.

Mass times on weekends:  Saturday at 5:00 p.m. / Sunday at 8:00 a.m. / Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 

UPDATE: 8:00 am Sunday Mass will be at Sayre
(Live streaming at 10:30 a.m. Mass)

Times to call and reserve your spot at Mass:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

9:00 a.m – Noon & 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Our Church capacity at 6 feet distance and extra seating will be 150-200 individuals.

All families that call the office first and register will be provided seats. 

The ushers, knights and volunteers will guide everyone to their seats and provide any help needed during Mass.

Offertory procession is cancelled, and all liturgy requirements will be on the altar.

A basket will be left at the entrance to drop off your envelopes and contributions. The Priest will take care of it after each Mass.

All lectors and cantors are seriously advised to keep at least 10-12 feet of distance between one another.

All ushers must wear a mask to be in line with public guidelines.

All parishioners are encouraged to wear a make, except for reception of communion, to be in line with public guidelines.

No sign of peace, shaking of hands, or gathering during entrance or dismissal of Mass.

Dispersing will be guided by the Knights and will begin with the back pew. During this time, please avoid loud conversation inside the Church and kindly maintain silence or continue praying until your turn to exit comes.

Visiting other pews before, during or after Mass is prohibited.

Holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer is prohibited as it is not part of the Mass in the Roman Rite.


All communion ministers must wear a mask when distributing communion to be in line with public guidelines.

The Eucharist will be received in the form of the Precious Body only during this time.

All are encouraged to receive communion in hand alone and in any exceptional cases, approach Father in advance to know your desire and he will find a way to meet your spiritual thirst.

All communion ministers are requested to sanitize before receiving communion and to sanitize their hands again before distributing communion.

Verbal expression of “Body of Christ and Amen” to be avoided but participate in silence of your heart.

After the host is placed on the hand, the person receiving communion should take 2 steps to the side before consuming the host.

No blessing of children or gesture of touching them.

All communion ministers will receive the communion by first lining up at least 6 feet distance from the priest and go one by one to get their communion ciborium from the Altar and take their position, from there the people will be directed.

Families can come together for communion, but each individual family should remain 6 feet apart, and every individual person should follow the same guidelines.

The volunteers requested to guide the crowds.

After the distribution of communion, do not walk together to replace the ciborium on the altar, but go one by one and return to your seat immediately and not together as a group. 


  • All those who are sick must not attend public mass.
  • All those who are above the age of 65 and vulnerable for sickness, please stay at home.
  • All those who feel safer participating spiritually online a few more weeks, please continue to do so.
  • All children who are sick or have weakened immune systems, please keep them at home.

Expecting your cooperation and hope you understand the situation. We believe our God will lead us from this pandemic sickness, everything will pass away. Everything is possible with and by God.

Fr. Philip Louis


  • Barbara GretemanPosted on 5/12/20

    Thank you for the information!

  • Becky NewlinPosted on 5/11/20

    Thank you for listing all the requirements. Also thank you to all of the volunteers providing this service.